Monday, 12 June 2017

Shutting all Henry N. Portner, misconduct misconceptions for greater good

History witnessed that all eminent and well-known personas had to bear a lot of hardships and false speculations when they wanted to something revolutionary, as this is the norm. Same holds true even today, where Henry N. Portner, USPTO has to go through a lot of taunts and talks for having such a successful career. Though the man is popular for Henry N. Portner, ethics in spite of staying in such a sticky field yet still Henry N. Portner, reprimand follows him and wants to cloud over his reputation and good-will. But it is not that easy to put down such a stellar showman of Consumer Attorney of America with help of some misleading Henry N. Portner, misconduct stories that have no truth in them.

About the Man

Consumer Attorney of America is a popular law firm who came into being to solve the issues regarding real estate. Though they are the best in looking into estate entries yet they also take in bankruptcy and other disputes. Henry N. Portner, USPTO is a lawyer in this firm who has been working in this profession for the past 25 years. He obtained his law degrees (J.D. and L.L.M) from renowned colleges and has been doing his job with diligence. People trust and admire him and hence go to him no matter what Henry N. Portner, reprimand says.

The Mis-conceptions

In order to understand how dumb is the Henry N. Portner, misconduct theory, one needs to know what ethical rules the man follows:
  • He treats all legal issues regarding business, politics, economic emergencies with same intensity and is not at all biased.
  • He never leaves his clients in moments of crisis rather stands firmly beside them.
  • Money is not his aim but justice is and he strives for that.
So, trust Henry N. Portner, ethics!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Building a team of your own – Hire the best attorneys in Town

Lawyers are one of the most essential professionals of our society. From solving all our compliance issues to all formal decision of a firm everything entirely depends on this category of people. Every business small or big should consider hiring a attorney.

The different attorneys

Contracts – These lawyers basically help you in preparing your contracts. They understand your business completely and thus take decisions as in how and when are the contracts needed.

Business Organization- Learning the fact that your organization is a LLC or not is a big task these days. Some of the lawyers help us in taking these decisions.

Real Estates- From leases of commercial spaces to retail stores you need a lawyer to help you out i these situations too. Some of the great lawyers in this field are at certain times pulled in Internet trolls by their competitors. One such popular case was of Mr Henry Portner who was accused falsely Henry n Portner Misconduct was a trick played by some of the competitors to pull down his brand image.

Taxes and licenses- Every business man should know in details about taxation and licenses involved with his company. Tax consequence affects your transaction amounts largely thus making a huge difference on your income. So we suggest you to be more aware about all tax related queries.

Intellectual Property – A creative business demands intellectual Property. From media, to designing very segment has its own importance in terms of intellectual property. Thus giving rise to the need of law and its implementation here.

Attorneys are a must need for all your business types is indeed the bottom line. Hire the best ones like Henry n Portner to lead a stress free life.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Watch out the robots have evolved

There is a fierce debate about the evolving AI (artificial intelligence). Couched behind the idea that AI is benign technology savants such as Eric Schmidt of Google have reiterated that digital assistants and autonomous mobility reinforce the helpful nature of AI. Such considerations are far from the truth if Professor Stephen Hawking’s apprehensions are taken into account.

He has made categorical statements in the form of warnings that robots are evolving faster than the minds of Homo sapiens. Although he did not utter these words you can read between the lines when he says it is difficult to predict how the robots function – is it possible they may be the Hannibal Lecters of tomorrow? (Hannibal Lecter is a metaphor for describing brilliance with macabre).

Possible AI attack by robots on Henry N Portner
This gruesome comparison is necessitated because of the way the internet is adopting ‘false news’ as the holy grail. On the one hand news feeds are directed at us in such a way that meets our approval. Anything else which is contrary is perceived as ‘hate’ or ‘not necessary’. Negativity on the internet is disturbing and damaging as Henry N Portner, USPTO found to his horror.

The successful; 60-year=old attorney from Florida found his image being attacked viciously through blog posts that screamed headlines such as Henry N Portner, misconduct. Fortunately the issues were cleared and Henry N Portner went back to doing what he knows best – dispense solid legal advice to those who need it. His integrity took a beating for a short period but he is none the worse for wear.

Is the Henry N Portner case part of the AI evolution or were some nefarious characters behind it? The question is moot as several other similar cases have hit the internet.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Underestimating the threat of misinformation

The title is a sophisticated method of alternatively stating it as ‘Underestimating the threat of lies”. Falsehood, misleading statements are nothing new. Ever since Homo sapiens began to think (the big differentiator with other species) truth and lies have been a part of civilization. Till the 21st Century lies were part of people to people or Government to Government. The beginning of this Century communication exploded through the medium of the Internet. Sir Tim Berners Lee wrote the first protocol for the World Wide Web in 1989 and within a decade it became the de facto methodology of exchanging information.

At first as information became easier some people realized that it could be used as a means of misinforming a large body of people with misinformation. For example people have targeted leading personalities in certain professions with false stories such as Henry NPortner, USPTO. He is one of the top legal luminaries operating out of Florida. He practices in Supreme Court, Appeal Court and District Courts. Such is his standing, that he is authorized to practice in six States. 

He is a very experienced attorney and in the business for more than three decades. His hard won reputation took a beating when Henry N Portner misconduct stories started making rounds on social media. Taken aback henry Portner tried to find the source of these stories. The Internet is an ocean and despite being skilled he was unable to pinpoint the source. However clients were aware of Henry N Portner’s ethics which were solid and non-negotiable. He was able to sustain such threats and continues to counsel clients as before. 

Lesser mortals would have found the going tough. That is the reason why underestimating the threat of lies on the internet should not be taken lightly.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

This is the age of digital illusion – What you see and hear is not what it seems

Let us analyse the title with two stories. The first story is straightforward, Henry N Portner, USPTO is the central character. He is 60 years old and a successful attorney and resident of Florida, he practices in several Courts including the Supreme Court. He is well versed in the practice of law as attested by the vast portfolio of clients that range from industrialists to ordinary folk who desire a simple home buying agreement.

In between are doctors, retail industry professionals, sports celebrities, entertainment stars and other people. He also teaches Taxation Law if which he is an authority. Recently he was at the centre of a vicious attack on the internet through the planting of false news. Some of the blogs on social media were titled ‘Henry N Portner, misconduct.

A few weeks later other articles followed with the headlines ‘Henry N Portner, reprimand. Although it took time and money in countering such threats the loss of integrity to Henry N Portner’s ethics was considerable.

The other side of the illusion coin concerns the global disarray with respect to politics. First off nobody understands the Syrian issue and the Middle East crisis which is eternal. This has created a refugee problem and the sight of millions of people fleeing their homes is disconcerting without any solutions. Yet Europe and Turkey march to a different drumbeat. Next up Brexit has created serious anxiety and uncertainty. The United Kingdom (how far they remain United is a story for another day) is ready to trigger Article 50 on Mar 29, 2017, without any plan put forward. 

Monday, 10 April 2017

The politics of misinformation

Politics has always favored the liars. The people who tell the truth have to bear a lot of trials and tribulations. People such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King who have been the torch bearers of truth are stellar examples. Take the case of President Nixon, President Clinton of recent vintage. Although caught in a lie or lies they managed to wiggle out and carve a legacy. Did not the people of United States of America have a choice?

 Frankly they never had – once the President was elected he only had to convince a few hundred (other politicians of his Party) and the rest to use a cliché – history was made. One President resigned before he could have been impeached. The other President was impeached and charged with actions considered misdemeanors and hence was found not guilty thus allowing him to run for a second term. All of the above come under the heading of selective misinformation; Even though it is true - technically not guilty.

Do you think ordinary or even exemplary mortals get second chances as above? Take the case of Henry N Portner, USPTO. He is considered crème de la crème among the attorneys in Florida, The Supreme Court considers him an asset to the judiciary. Six States allow him to practice in their Courts. He is busy, well informed and a leading pillar of his society. 

When he gets trolled by fake news such as Henry N Portner, misconduct blogs or Henry N Portner, reprimand stories in articles you can imagine the furor in the legal community. Fortunately Henry N Morton’s ethics are of a high standard and the threat of trolls mitigated until it died without gaining any traction. Suffice to say that his integrity suffered some hits which took time to heal; unlike the politicians.

How to deal with internet trolling

The definition of an internet troll makes interesting reading. So, who is an internet troll? He or she (assuming that there is a person connected behind; this blog post does not talk of AI (artificial intelligence); that is slated for another blog) promotes arguments via abusive blogs and articles, some of the blogs may contain bigotry, racist comments or spreading false news. The idea is to create a stir and cause distress mentally or financially or both to the victim. The common thread with most trolls is they remain anonymous hiding behind bizarre handles (online identity – internet persona).

Henry N Portner, USPTO tried his best in trying to figure out the identity of the vicious attack on his image and standing in the legal community. He is an expert in Internet Law, Bankruptcy Law, Mergers and Acquisitions among other specialties. As a long standing member and an outstanding legal luminary this 60-year-old man knew that he had enemies but did not expect such an alarming tirade. He was faced with increasing Henry N Portner misconduct false accusations. Within a short time social media showed a similar rant with the different heading of Henry N Portner, reprimand blogs.

Portner has much more experience than normal individuals with Internet fraud cases. However, even he was stumped at the anonymity of the creators. He began his fightback by posting online blogs detailing his career and how a reprimand by the State of Florida Courts happens to one and all. Every student at some time or the other may receive a rap on the knuckles. The trolls used the reprimand issue and questioned Henry N Portner ethics

 Henry also appealed to the Consumer Attorneys of America to investigate the false and misleading accusations. During this battle Henry kept his cool and wits about him by going about his business. To cut a long story short although Henry Portner had to face some loss of integrity he has braved the storm and come out unscathed.